Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi

Touring 2023

M&S Bank Arena Liverpool
Thu 19 January 2023


Lewis Capaldi is, finally, back writing and singing the songs that speak from his heart. For all the craziness and intensity of the three years prior to that cut-short arena tour, after two years’ enforced isolation, he’s bursting to share his music, his feelings, once again. If his first album made him an international star, with his second it’s nothing less than superstardom that beckons. And now, having put in the hard yards with the writing and recording, he’s ready to put in the miles all round the world.

“Oh, mate, that’s the thing: I’m gonna do every single thing to help this record!” he exclaims enthusiastically. “I want to give these songs the best chance possible to reach people. I’ve spent so much time on them. And so many people have put so much work into it, not just me, but the label, the team, the guys I’ve worked with. I owe it to them, to the fans, and to all the people who helped us on the first one as well, to show up and do everything.

“I’m ready,” he concludes, champing at the bit to get back out there, “and so are the songs.

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