North West – Regional Theatre Guide

The North West of England is extremely well recognised for it’s theatres, they can be found in Manchester, Liverpool, Salford, Oldham and many more, hosting show from musicals to drama. The North West is not only fantastic for it’s live performance offering, but it’s culture and is certainly not a place to miss.

A History of Theatres in the North West

Theatres in this area of the country date back to the 1800’s, for example the Palace Theatre in Manchester. The Palace Theatre in Manchester, originally known as the Grand Old Lady of Oxford Street, was first built in 1891 and renovated in 1913. The Palace Theatre is one of the main theatres in the North West and hosts many varied shows.
Many areas of the North West were hit badly during the Blitz in 1940, especially Manchester, and as a result many theatres took direct hits but many still stand today.

What is the best way to travel to theatres in the North West?

The easiest way to travel to most of these theatre destinations is by car, however the trainline running across the North West is also a great way to quickly get to shows by public transport. We recommend checking timetables in advance so that you do not miss your show.

How do I buy tickets to theatre showings in the North West?

The best way to purchase tickets at any of the theatres in North West is online. You can find a comprehensive list of the best shows on now on our regional theatre pages.