Yorkshire – Regional Theatre Guide

Yorkshire is a proud county spanning far and wide, home to cities such as Sheffield, Leeds and York. The theatre heritage is truly rich here and easily accessible with some huge travelling shows choosing these theatres to perform at.

A History of Theatres in Yorkshire

In 1722, the earliest reference to acting in the town can be found. Within Ralph Thoresby’s diary, he noted that a group of actors had visited Leeds and stayed for 6-8 weeks. At one time in Leeds, there we around 6 venues in operation that offered dramatic and musical performances, today, the Grand Theatre and City Varieties Music Hall still operate.

What is the best way to travel to theatres in Yorkshire?

The easiest way to travel to most of these theatre destinations is by car, however the trainline running across Yorkshire is also a great way to quickly get around by public transport. Sheffield also has a tram system, which can take you from the train station to only a couple of minutes from the theatre district. We recommend checking timetables in advance so that you do not miss your show.

How do I buy tickets to theatre showings in Yorkshire?

The best way to purchase tickets at any of the theatres in Yorkshire is online. You can find a comprehensive list of the best shows on now on our regional theatre pages.