Fat Friends The Musical

Fat Friends The Musical

Fat Friends The Musical

Sherrie Hewson, Jessica Ellis and Les Dennis join Lee Mead

Orchard Theatre Dartford
Mon 14 March 2022 - Sat 19 March 2022

2.30pm, 7.30pm

Fat Friends The Musical centres around the upcoming wedding of Kelly and Kevin. Kelly has dreamt about this day all her life but unbeknown to Kelly she has recently put on a lot of weight and her mother – yoyo dieter Betty – has been trying to encourage her to slim down for the big day. But headstrong Kelly is happy with her lot and her fiance Kevin. It’s only when she can’t get into her dream wedding dress that she realises there’s a problem. When dress shop owner and hopeless romantic, Lauren, tells Kathy that they don’t make the dress in her size, Kelly uses all their savings to buy the dress anyway, even though it’s two sizes too small!

Betty recently lost five stone and she’s up for Super Slimmer of the Year. The final competition is tonight and the winner will be chosen; the BBC are covering it and Betty’s hot favourite to win. Kelly misses dinner to come and support her mum and is starving, so when things go wrong she kicks off with catastrophic results…

Written by BAFTA award winning writer Kay Mellor OBE, creator of the original hit series, and composed by Nick Lloyd Webber: Fat Friends The Musical is produced by Joshua Andrews.

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