Brian Butterfield

Brian Butterfield

Brian Butterfield

Call of Now Tour

Bristol Beacon
Sat 22 June 2024


September (and a bit of October) 2023 was an important month in the world of business, as Brian Butterfield made his live stage debut, imparting all his business knowledge from his decades spent within the business world working as everything from Lord Mayor’s Croupier to Circus Horse Dentist.

Over 10,000 people attended his sold-out wave of seminars from Exeter to Glasgow, keen to learn the secrets of success from one of the UK’s titans of business. Brian believes that every failure is just an opportunity to learn a new lesson. Having opened, and closed several businesses, Brian has learnt over 1000 lesson and counting. This is a once in lifetime opportunity (for Brian).

Initially making his debut to the world through a series of spoof advertisements on BBC Two’s cult classic, Bafta nominated The Peter Serafinowicz Show, Brian Butterfield charmed viewers with his forever flawed business idea coupled with his eternal optimism.

His popularity has grown considerably since, with clips notching up millions of views online. Brian has also built up a considerable online fanbase via his highly-engaged Twitter/X, Facebook and Instagram accounts, delivering commentary on politics, business, sport, and every episode of The Apprentice.

“A triumphant transfer of a sketch character into a hilarious stage juggernaut” — Chortle


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