The Central Theatre & The Brook Theatre Chatham

    The Central Theatre

    There is nothing like seeing a live show: the anticipation, the atmosphere, the unique connections between audience and performer, and of course the memories. This beautiful 965-seat venue is already home to a myriad of memories and it is waiting for you to come along and make more unforgettable ones of your own.

    Making The Central Theatre yours is at the heart of our programming, carefully putting together a season of shows to reflect the tastes of the area.

    Musically you can relive the West End greats, pay tribute to some of the world’s greatest bands and get up close and personal with the best acts on the circuit.

    There’s blockbuster comedy, scintillating live music and plenty to fire the kids’ imagination.

    The Brook Theatre

    Formerly Chatham Town Hall, stunning Victorian architecture provides an unforgettable backdrop for this creative factory in the heart of Medway.

    Housing four professional creative companies as well as Medway Council’s Arts team, The Brook Theatre is a buzzing hub for new and existing talent in all areas of the Arts.

    With two performance areas allowing for a range of traditional and contemporary theatre, dance, music and entertainment with a particularly strong focus on children’s theatre, we are proud to present The Brook Theatre’s mixed programme of professional theatre and community productions.

    Upcoming Shows at The Central Theatre & The Brook Theatre Chatham

    Jimmy Carr Live – rescheduled

    Terribly Funny Tour

    The Central Theatre Chatham

    29 Mar 2022

    Comedian Jimmy Carr knows that terrible things happen in life – but he believes the...

    Ben Fogle – RESCHEDULED

    Tales From The Wilderness

    The Central Theatre Chatham

    16 Sep 2021

    Thrilling tales from a modern day explorer. From crossing Antarctica to conquering Everest, Ben will...

    What’s Love Got To Do With It?

    A Tribute To Tina Turner

    The Central Theatre Chatham

    14 Apr 2022

    What’s Love Got To Do With It? is the joyous new show celebrating the music...

    Remembering The Oscars 2022

    Starring Aljaz and Janette, giving wonderful songs, dances & legendary stars the full red carpet treatment.

    The Central Theatre, Chatham

    1 Apr 2022

    Please note – this show has been rescheduled from Thursday 16 April 2020. Tickets remain...
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