Loughborough Town Hall

    Loughborough Town Hall is an Arts Centre, hosting touring theatre shows, art exhibitions and a local events space. The origins of the building lie in the early 19th century, when four Loughborough tradesmen began a movement to provide the town with a public gathering place. It received much more momentum with the involvement of the local MP, Charles Packe of Prestwold Hall, who donated £500 towards the enterprise, £8,012 was raised for the purchase of land and the construction of the building.

    Upcoming Shows at Loughborough Town Hall

    Sherlock Holmes: The Valley of Fear

    By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Adapted for the stage by Nick Lane

    Loughborough Town Hall

    27 Feb 2023 - 28 Feb 2023

    Don’t miss Blackeyed Theatre’s stunning world premiere of Sherlock Holmes: The Valley Of Fear.
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