Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield

    LBT is the home of live performance in Huddersfield – and for Kirklees.

    LBT serves a population the size of a small city. Our small, creative and resourceful team – supported by equally passionate and determined volunteers – consistently confounds expectations. Our shining light is our programme. It is carefully crafted for and with our communities, resident companies and huge voluntary arts base. We honour and continue the story of a theatre demanded and founded by a community which had the vision to know what a difference art makes.

    We serve local people: 85% of our audience is within 30 minutes of our venue. We celebrate and challenge their creativity and interests – and make ourselves accessible to all, irrespective of background or circumstances. Our outreach work, embedded within communities themselves, is a shared adventure, developed and built over many years so people can fully own what they discover.

    We’re opening up our venue, our skills and our networks to nurture talent, local and national – to nourish artists and help them realise their ambitions and achieve excellence.

    Tenacious, responsive and brave – We are LBT.

    Upcoming Shows at The Lawrence Batley Theatre

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