Chesterfield Theatres – The Winding Wheel Theatre, The Pomegranate Theatre

    Chesterfield Theatres consists of two Grade II-listed theatres called the Pomegranate Theatre and the Winding Wheel Theatre. Both theatres are based in the historic town of Chesterfield, UK and are owned and managed by Chesterfield Borough Council.

    The Pomegranate Theatre is a beautiful Grade II-listed Victorian 546-seat proscenium arch theatre based in the town centre of Chesterfield. The Pomegranate Theatre presents a programme of professional touring drama, music, dance, and a very popular star studded pantomime. In addition, the Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield, presents Pomegranate Screenings – an ongoing programme of latest films and satellite broadcasts using state of the art cinema equipment. The Pomegranate Theatre is also hired by local amateur groups who stage their own performances.

    The Winding Wheel Theatre
    Also based in the town centre of Chesterfield is the Winding Wheel Theatre, a Grade II-listed theatre, originally built in 1923 as a cinema. The Winding Wheel Theatre is home to STAGE BAR and has three rooms which are regularly used for events and these are – the Auditorium, Ballroom and Function Room. The Winding Wheel Theatre has a diverse programme of events including West End musicals, stand-up comedy, music concerts, talks and a wide range of community events.

    Upcoming Shows at Chesterfield Theatres

    Professor Brian Cox – Horizons: A 21st Century Space Odyssey

    What does it mean to live a small, finite life in a vast, eternal Universe?

    Chesterfield Theatres

    16 Feb 2024

    Horizons is a celebration of our civilisation, of our music, art, philosophy and science; an optimistic vision of our future if we continue to explore Nature with humility and to value ourselves and our fellow human beings.

    This is Elvis – Ben Portsmouth

    Ben Portsmouth brings you his jaw-dropping tribute to The King of Rock and Roll.

    Chesterfield Theatres

    8 Oct 2023

    Ben Portsmouth brings you his jaw-dropping tribute to The King of Rock and Roll.
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