Step into Picasso’s studio with immersive installation Atelier Picasso

Step into Picasso’s studio with immersive installation Atelier Picasso

Step into Picasso’s studio with immersive installation Atelier Picasso

BASTIAN Gallery, Sept-Oct 2020

Bastian Gallery
Thu 3 September 2020 - Sat 31 October 2020

10am - 6pm

BASTIAN, 8 Davies Street, London W1K 3DW
Thursday 3rd September – Saturday 31st October 2020
Press Viewings: Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September 2020


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Atelier Picasso at BASTIAN will recreate Picasso’s Cannes studio as an immersive experience within the gallery, using his treasure trove of objects including furniture, sculptures, ceramics, drawings and prints. Throughout his life Picasso was a prolific image maker, experimenting and excelling in every medium with which he worked. This extraordinary installation-style exhibition brings to life the huge variety of Picasso’s oeuvre. 

This glimpse into a recreation of his South of France studio shows that Picasso was not content to work with one medium alone, experimenting instead with a mixture of styles and expressions. Lithograph and linocut posters and books demonstrate the artist’s quirky line work and playful colouration which enticed viewers. The details are often simple – whimsical, blocked white font contrasts with a rich background colour. One lithographic poster from 1984, Gallieri Jorgen Expose Les Lithographies de L’atelier Mourlot, is composed of six colours; it is one of his most significant experiments in using colour in printmaking and there are very few other examples of such colourful Picasso lithographs. 

The Couple, Pablo Picasso, 1968, colour proof on paper, 16.5 x 16.5 cm
Vallauris Toros, Pablo Picasso, 1956, colour linocut, 99 x 63.7 cm
Wood Owl, Pablo Picasso, 1969, white stoneware, coloured and partially glazed, 30 x 16.5 x 25 cm – Copy
Galleri Jorgen Expose Les Lithographies de L’Atelier Mourlot, Pablo Picasso, 1984, exhibition poster, 78.5 x 58 cm
Femme assise (Dora Maar), Pablo Picasso, 1955, colour lithograph, 92 x 60 cm

Other works in the exhibition include the masterpiece Minotaure caressant une dormeuse from Picasso’s Vollard Suite; the mythical Minotaur was Picasso’s alter ego in the 1930s and part of a broader exploration of Classicism that persisted in his work for many years. For Picasso it expressed complex emotions at a time of personal turmoil, symbolising lasciviousness, violence, guilt, and despair. 

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