Platform 4’s Triffids! brings John Wyndham’s seminal post-apocalyptic novel to the stage with amazing live music.

    METEORS! KILLER PLANTS! B MOVIES! Platform 4’s Triffids! A gig theatre adventure in music,  sound and pictures… is an incredible collision of music, text and rich visual imagery. This production takes the audience deep into John Wyndham’s classic cold war novel: The Day of the  Triffids with a live soundtrack with instruments including Moog, Double Bass, Theremin, Hammered Dulcimer and… a Cactus!  

    Building on their past collaborations with local people, Platform 4 worked with the community at Highcliffe allotments, interviewing the many people on their sites. Asking them questions about weeds, climate change and their memories of Wyndham’s book gave a whole set of disparate answers which creator Catherine Church mashed together to act as interventions in the adaptation of the original novel. Platform 4’s Triffids! includes beautiful elegiac violin solos,  melancholic wistful melodies inspired by a lost world to wacky, psychedelic 1990s acid house!  

    Platform 4 made a crucial change in their adaptation with the main protagonist Bill becoming Jill. This change helped bring the novel into the 21st century, cutting out many of the outdated comments the book indulged in.  

    Catherine Church comments, “None of us knew how weirdly prescient this piece would be – the  novel essentially asks the question – what would you do if a deadly germ invaded the world?  Would you stay in your immediate community? How would it make you feel about the many  things we take for granted? How would it change your priorities in life etc etc? All of these questions are covered in the novel – finally, finally we get to perform this live….quite a challenge with the amount of sci fi instruments on stage – from a MOOG to a Theramin to a Harmonium to a Dulcimer and loads and loads of wacky samples and 1950s B Movie inspired sounds!  

    The incredible team behind Triffids! have worked with The National Theatre, Bellowhead,  Southbank Centre, Kneehigh, BBC and The Bone Ensemble; together they create a very special  magic, as seen in their previous collaboration, the acclaimed Invisible Music.  

    Platform 4 is an artist-led company that creates playful and unexpected worlds in which  performers and participants can explore their creativity and the things that matter to them. The  work is highly visual and musical, often intimate in scale and process. It connects people and  puts human relationships at the heart of the event.  

    “Platform 4 are a remarkable company” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian.  

    Created with kind permission from the John Wyndham Estate and Paper Lion Ltd

    Performance Dates 

    26th February Warwick Arts Centre 

    2nd March Norwich Arts Centre 

    4th March North Wall Oxford 

    5th March Lighthouse Poole 

    7th March Exeter Phoenix

    8th – 9th March Theatre Royal Winchester 

    10th March The Showroom Chichester 

    11th March Salisbury Arts Centre 

    12th March Cambridge Junction 

    16th March Midlands Arts Centre Birmingham 

    17th March West End Centre, Aldershot Hampshire 

    18th March Forest Arts Centre New Milton 

    19th March Arts Depot London 

    23rd March Colchester Arts Centre 

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