A funny, heart-warming, gin-soaked exploration of modern-day motherhood

Northern Stage
Fri 16 September 2022


A funny, heart-warming, gin-soaked exploration of modern-day motherhood, full of original live music plus tips on how to fail miserably at meeting
everybody’s expectations.

Featuring a piano, a fake fur coat and a bottle of gin, Jenni Winter finds out what it’s like to go from having a Mum to being one. From blissfully blaming one’s own mother for all their faults to painfully realising maybe it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked. From a childhood longing for ‘normal parents’ to giving birth to children who feel exactly the same way.

Is it possible to break the cycle, to end the guilt, to lose the blame and the shame? Could parents take a breath, reset the clock and just BE?

For anyone who’s ever wondered about their relationship with their Mum or their kids, or is looking for permission to say ‘I am doing my best’, Mother’s Ruin is a heart-warming, entertaining night out. With live music, fancy high heels and added fairy lights.

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