Hexwood School of Sorcery

Hexwood School of Sorcery

Hexwood School of Sorcery

Live at Norman Bragg Studio, Aylesbury

Grimsby Auditorium
Sun 28 August 2022

2pm & 4.30pm

Maisey Hexwood was born to a family of sorcerer’s. The Hexwood School of sorcery was even set up by her great grandfather. Maisey is set to follow in the footsteps of her illustrious family and begin her studies at Hexwood.

However Maisey is really not very good at magic, she once attempted a disappearing spell that actually made her wand disappear!! Her first broom flight ended in disaster when she crashed through her neighbours garden fence, and she turned her Mum’s cat fluorescent pink!

Produced by Sam Bradshaw we join Maisey on her adventures through the school as she meets eccentric characters  and learns to embrace her magical mishaps.

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