Immersive Art Exhibition

6 Marble Arch London
Wed 1 November 2023 - Tue 31 December 2024

Sun – Fri 11am – 5pm | Sat 10am – 5pm

Frameless is a brand new culturally rich, immersive, multi-dimensional art experience. Housed in an incredible 30,000 square foot venue and located just a few short steps from Marble Arch and Oxford Street, it is the biggest of its kind in the UK.

Inside Frameless, art seeps into every inch of space. It’s in front of you, behind you, above and below you. You won’t simply be looking at a picture, you’ll be in the picture, with every brush stroke, every splash of colour, every moment of inspiration.

As you journey through our four distinctive galleries, experiencing a different type of immersive technology in each one, you’ll see timeless art in ways you have never seen or felt before. You thought that art can move you? Now you can move art.

With over 479 million pixels delivered by a million lumens of light, Frameless elevates the traditional art experience to a whole new level, accompanied by a score of breath-taking classical and contemporary music played over 158 state-of-the-art surround sound speakers. It’s an immersive experience to excite and inspire visitors of all ages.

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