ARTSPOD is a New Arts Platform and is designed to access new audiences.

ARTSPOD is a content led Video On Demand (VOD) service focusing on short form video, creating an innovative channel and VOD website as well as a television programme. This new concept sees theatres, venues and producers combining to attract their audiences to the platform and aggregating topical and unique content. As we build we look to attract 3,000 UK arts venues to be uploaders to the site.

Why should we need ARTSPOD

Increasingly all online searches for entertainment and drama take audiences and viewers to television stations and channels, Cinema and Netflix rather than live entertainment. ARTSPOD is designed to generate interest in and engage audiences in the live arts events and allows venues to upload promos, interviews and interesting associated content to engage the audience and encourage them to visit live arts shows and events.

If you want to advertise on the site with pre rolls, or targeted regional banners and local ads please request a media pack from us on [email protected]